About The Fresh Mom

Throughout Fantasia’s season of new motherhood she found that cooking and providing a healthier lifestyle for her family, would be the doorway to the abundant life she believes they deserve. She has tirelessly served thousands of mom’s from all over the world and is most proud of this blog, TheFreshMom.com and her social enterprise, Building Generational Health (BGH). Through BGH, Fantasia and her husband Austin provide access, education and accountability for individuals and families seeking to pass down healthy habits and genetics. 


In addition to these things, Fantasia has overcome burnout and it has produced a joy in her life that shines for all the world to see. She is consistently learning about the process of becoming all that she’s called to be. She believes every mom should untangle the lies they believe and walk in true identity, freedom, and purpose. 


She is a mom on a mission to reflect the heart of Christ and to be an example of strength to those moms who feel like they’ve lost themselves. She wants to aim to rebuild women up to see that they can balance motherhood and their own personal goals at the same time. 


She serves as a fearless example of someone who doesn’t take “no” for an answer and will speak the truth in love to her online friends because she cares. While learning from her in her coaching sessions, courses, and resources she will provide truth, simplistic healthy-living strategies and make you laugh the entire way. 


She knows that an extraordinary life lives on the inside of each mom, and will do anything to make sure that they walk in their freedom and purpose! 


Message from Fantasia:


I’m Fantasia, mom of 4 (OMG! Still can’t believe that’s reality now) and wife of 1 lol.

I’m here to share my “new” experiences of motherhood, faith, marriage, and our overall comical road to a healthier life.

By following our journey I hope you walk away with fresh ideas and healthier habits to spice up your life (see what I did there?) I pray that you all enjoy the blog and please feel free to share any and all information with others!

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Do you need more education and accountability with your health journey? Building Generational Health would love to assist you with getting on track. We offer coaching for individuals, families, and companies! Get more info at BuildingGenerationalHealth.com.


What my kids think my sole purpose of existing is...

(insert eye roll emoji)

Fun fact: I had my 2nd child in the front seat of my Hyundai Sonata with BEIGE seats. Yeah, crazy right? You can read her birth story here!


Me trying to be serious during a photoshoot with my hubby!

If you want some extra laughs, follow him on IG, he's hilarious and quite embarrassing at times lol. But he keeps it real and I love him for that!


Outside of family, this is my true passion! 

I looooovvvveeee working with other people and helping them create the healthy habits that they need to succeed in life.

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